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Welcome to the Crimson Dragon Alliance

If you are a member of one of the alliance guilds in Crimson Dragon Alliance please click the join button at the top of this page.  You are requesting to join the website not the guild.   Please make sure you read and complete the application questionnaire as this will give us all a chance to get to know you and will allow us to know which guild you are currently a member of.

Please note: there is now a new forum specifically for CDA Raid before you can post all you want in member forums but I will be posting raid information in the CDA channel.

Please make sure that you read the new revised raid rules and loot rules.  This will help answer any questions that you may have.  Also, please post under that thread when you have read the post.




                                                Order of the Baby Dragon

Hello and welcome! We are Order of the Baby Dragon.  The guild was founded in 2004 when EQII was first released...November 9th to be exact, making us the one of the oldest guilds in the game.  Our name was derived by the founding members to poke fun;at the Sony marketing campaign, "A Baby Dragon for Everyone!" which was used when the game was originally released. Love it or hate it, we are Order of the Baby Dragon.

We are a small guild on Oasis (transplanted from Befallen) and our players live in all time zones and several countries. Our play style is casual. We have no participation requirements, no guild status point requirements nor do we require all of a player alts to be guilded with us. Contributions of status points or plat in guild hall escrow to be applied to our weekly rent are always welcome.    
We like to play and we have fun doing it.  Most of our members are working professionals who recognize the game as a game - we are not a hardcore guild and no one should ever be stressed out because of guild requirements. Honor, while playing, is of paramount importance.  
Guild membership was closed until August of 06. There are a large number of dishonorable people that play MMOs and prior to this date, we required a personal real life reference for admittance. We still prefer this, however, we officially opened membership in November 08.  We encourage all new applicants to stop by this website so they can get to know us a bit better.  One of our recruiters will speak with you at length prior to extending an invitation to join us.This will allow us to get to know you and make sure the Order of the Baby Dragon is a good guild home for you.  That recruiter will place their name under yours on the guild roster as a system of vouching for a new person character.  Our membership size is smaller than most level 95 guilds.   
We have, together with Crimson Rage formed the Crimson Dragon Alliance.  This alliance is built on LOYALTY, HONOR, FRIENDSHIP, SHARED PHILOSPHY and MUTUAL RESPECT.  We have expanded this alliance to include Eternal, Drago Cremisi, Blood Realm, The Shadowclaw, Dark Prophecy, Nefarious Few, and Stygian Souls.

This alliance has accomplished much since we established it September 2007. We are presently working our way thru DoV Skyshrine raid zones.We still do the occasional farming run thru DoV to get gear for the purpose of tranmuting and blue shards. The alliance has become a family here in Norrath, one that supports and protects all of it's members. We consider the alliance the "large guild" made up of all the "smaller guilds".  
We use Ventrilo to enhance the game playability and all guild and alliance members are encouraged to use it. It is required, if you choose to raid with the alliance that you have vent installed so that you may listen to the Raid Coordinator. It is suggested that you have Vent installed for groups as most of our members don't like the in game voice chat and prefer to use vent.  
We have many, high level crafters in Order of the Baby Dragon, as well as in the Crimson Dragon Alliance.  Our crafters are asked to donate time and fuel to any job for a fellow guild member. This means that any, non rare, recipe asked of a guild crafter, will be done free.  Members also deposit rares into guild bank/supply depot from time to time and these are used to assist members with gear and spells. Most have extended this discount to members of the Crimson Dragon Alliance. All alliance crafters are asked to provide crafting services to all the alliance members....this allows us to take care of all of our members meeting everyone's gaming needs. Adornments are also provided for alliance members of our raid force.

Our guild hall is located in South Qeynos, with full amenities.  Drop by and pay us a visit. Don't forget to check out our trophy room when you are there. If you have any further questions, send me or one of our guild members a tell and let's get to know one another. If you have a question about Crimson Dragon Alliance please feel free to speak with either myself or Solrian.

Happy Hunting,

aka - Dayyanara, Zipporah, Jadzeeya, Tendency, Draal, Harrmonie, Capricious 


Ponder Points    
Who will tell whether one happy moment of love or the joy of breathing or walking on a bright morning and smelling the fresh air, is not worth all the suffering and effort which life implies

- Erich Fromm

What was the alliance doing when Befallen went dark? Thanks Solrian for the awesome idea!

DelennSheridan, Dec 20, 10 1:15 AM.
This is what Crimson Dragon Alliance was doing when Befallen went dark. We wanted to visit Trak one last time and bid him farewell.....we ran out of time to kill him before the kicked us out of the instance! We had him to 2%.....we kept fighting regardless of the frequent server shutdown warnings! Farewell Befallen......Welcome to Oasis Crimson Dragon Alliance!


All time Greatest Crimson Dragon Alliance Moment

DelennSheridan, Apr 27, 10 4:29 PM.


This is the night the phrase............"OMG it's the BUTT PIRATES!" was born!

Best Baby Dragon Screenshots

Draikonis, Nov 21, 07 3:32 PM.

It is once again time for Screenshot of the Week! 

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Treasci had always heard strange things about Antonicans, but it still came as a bit of a shock...

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